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The Contemporary District of Rome

16 March 2023, 13:00-15:00
Waseda University, Department of Architecture, Lecture Room, Bldg 26


Ambassador Umberto Vattani President of Venice International University, Italy

Prof. Hidenobu Jinnai Professor Emeritus, Hosei University (Adjunct Researcher, Institute of Italian Studies, Waseda University)
Prof. Norihito Nakatani Professor, Department of Architecture, Waseda University
Dr. Koichiro Okuda Adjunct Researcher, Institute of Italian Studies, Waseda University

Prof. Masahiko Gemma Vice President for International Affairs, Waseda University


The Contemporary District Project is a project initiated by Ambassador Vattani, president of Venice International University, a partner university of Waseda University. The project evaluates early 20thcentury Roman building structures, such as the building of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the same way as those of Ancient Rome. With the goal of gaining new World Heritage Site recognitions by UNESCO, the event was organized in order to discuss the project and for a wide range of Japanese experts to exchange opinions. The event will include a report by Ambassador Vattani, followed by a discussion with experts in this field in Japan and a question-and-answer session with the audience.

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